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Family offer

Travelling with children is always an adventure in itself. You never know what’s about to happen. The younger your kids are, the more difficult it is logistic-wise. Can the stay be relaxing to you and entertaining to your children at the same time? Here, it’s perfectly possible, of course!

Why do we understand you so well? We are parents ourselves and love travels, too!

Finding a place to stay is of paramount importance, indeed. And if you’re travelling with children,  renting a flat seems to be the most convenient option, for it provides independence and comfort as well as privacy and peace. Have no fear, though, as you won’t be left desolate if all of sudden a nasty incident happens.

So, if you’re coming to Wrocław for a weekend or a couple of days more and you’re looking for accommodation which is both comfortable and pleasing, choose us!

1. Apartment with a separate bedroom

After a busy day, full of sightseeing and great adventures, you need to have some rest, indeed. Our apartments are a true oasis of peace. For the parents, there is a separate bedroom, and children sleep in a sofa bed. On request, we can provide you with a baby crib as well.

2. Fully equipped kitchen

At your disposal, there are: pots, pans, tableware, mugs, cutlery, a fridge, an induction hob, a microwave or an oven and a dishwasher. So, you can prepare your favourite dishes on your own.

3. TV and Wi-Fi

These days, children are literally glued to the TV screen and WiFi is their daily as bread. We won’t deny it. But come on, from time to time, it’s pretty harmless, right? We do have children of our own. And we know what they need. Parents are only humans, too, and must have a moment all to themselves at times.

4. Car park

Carrying your luggage, especially when big and heavy, is much easier if you can park your car right at the facility. And for this very reason, there’s always a free parking space, ready for you. But you need to book it advance, remember!

5. Convenient location

Our apartments are located right in the very centre of the city, which makes visiting the most frequented attractions of Wrocław a piece of cake, indeed. Everything is just within your reach here, like for instance the Old Market Square is barely 10 minutes away. Strolling along the moat and Ruska Street is a pleasure in itself, giving you a foretaste of what happens next. The public means of transport will take you around the city, presenting your eyes with all the monuments and attractions which are a must-see here. Believe it or not, but even a tram ride can be an awesome adventure for the kids.

The FAMILY offer includes renting the apartment for one day, one month, half a year or a year. More information about the apartments and the equipment thereof can be found here:

Short-term rental and Long-term rental.

Attractions of Wrocław

Old Market Square and Old Town
Wrocław dwarfs
Carousel in the Old Town Garden
Polinka – gondola lift
ZOO and Africarium