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Business offer

Have you ever travelled on business by any chance? Then you know it all too well that the clarity of mind is of paramount importance when making crucial and binding decisions.

What makes us happy? Having some peace and quiet, of course.

“Who knows business travels best? Who understands what they actually stand for?
Only a businessman, of course!”

Thus, we have consulted a few of them and based our offer on their hints so that it can be as impeccable and as attractive as it may be.

1. First and foremost the car park

There is a parking space provided, and thus, there’s no need to look for it elsewhere. For your comfort, our car park is subject to video surveillance, your vehicle, even if it’s a company car, will be quite safe here.

2. Comfortable apartments

First of all, they’re spacious, with both a sleeping and a living room area provided. Some of them offer even a stunning view of the Oder River, others have balconies overlooking the garden. Having some lazy rest on the terrace after a busy day is priceless.

3. Peace and quiet

Located in the very heart of the city, yet being all peace and quiet. The trams passing by won’t disturb your time at all, even with the windows wide open. The only sound that will reach your ears will be the birds singing merrily.

4. Cafés and restaurants

The neighbourhood is full of various cafés and restaurants, open until late in the evening, where you can relax after your journey or have a cup of aromatic coffee and some generous breakfast before you go to work.

5. Viewpoint terrace high in the clouds

A fabulous oasis of relaxation or a kingdom of brainstorming – as you prefer. It calms down your soul, loosens your tight muscles and gets your little grey cells churning.

The BUSINESS offer includes renting the apartment for one day, one month, half a year or a year. More information about the apartments and the equipment thereof can be found here:

Short-term rental and Long-term rental

Attractions of Wrocław

Old Market Square and Town Hall
Panorama of the Battle of Racławice
Cathedral Island
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
Multimedia Fountain at Pergola
ZOO and Africarium
Japanese Garden